Garden Windows

Do you have certain plants that you’d like to grow inside but just don’t have a convenient place to keep them? Do you have flower boxes in your windows and love the feeling of spring in bloom? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, it can always be spring-time inside your home with Garden Windows from Window Depot USA.Garden Window

A Garden Window is a small greenhouse-like window that is typically installed in the kitchen, but they can be installed anywhere. They look like a small Bay or Bow Window. They have glass on all sides except for the bottom, and you can also install glass shelves for a place to store flowers and plants. The Garden Window projects slightly outward from the exterior of your home to catch sunlight.

The Garden Window is an aesthetically-pleasing and intriguing option to add to your home. They come in several colors and have operable top or side vents. Our Garden Windows are vinyl, which is not prone to rot, and they provide excellent insulation. Choose a Garden Window from Window Depot USA if you’d like to watch your flowers bloom all year round!